Getting to the next level only takes ONE intentional step.

Whether individual, leader of an organization, or business owner/entrepreneur, it is well-known that improving skills improves outcomes, increases income/revenues, and quality of life.

If you want to professionally or personally get smarter, TLA has the tools. We just need YOU.

Start with fundamentals. Move with purpose.

Wherever the path begins, we can get you to the final destination

TLA offers a wide variety of trainings, classes, and seminars, all geared to help meet our learners where they are and partner with them to get them where they want to be.

Popular Fundamentals Offerings

Custom training

Work with us to create the right type of training for your budget and at the right price.

Business Basics - Operations/Process

Have a business and want to grow? Create a “baby bureaucracy” that works.

Fundamentals of Project Management

Learn the PM concepts to jumpstart your skillset and create instant value.

Resume/Interview mentoring

Get your interview skills and resume a glow up for an exceptional first impression.

Computer Fundamentals

Technology is a big world! We can help you catch up.

Business Basics - Financials

Learn the basics of reading and USING financial statements for your small business.

Business Basics - Sales/Marketing

Learn the techniques that can create immediate value for you and your business.

Non-profit board training

Support the mission of your organization through training from top to bottom

Let’s Get Smarter

Partnering with TLA means:

      • An objective and empathetic partner: If issues can’t be discussed openly and with objectivity and empathy, growth is impossible.
        TLA is a bridge between today and tomorrow.
        • A wide institutional knowledge: TLA possesses over 45+ years institutional knowledge/expertise in many areas, including: information technology, operations, organizational development, personal development, small business, and more.
          TLA provides enterprise-level expertise with a value-driven partner experience.
          • An unwavering focus on best practices and industry-standards: We focus on the whole, not just the one. TLA focuses on providing skill development that prepares learners to be competitive, dynamic, and ready.
            TLA does not just teach class. We teach what will make you successful.

      Learn by Doing

      We develop skills in a holistic, hands-on way, not just with a stack of handouts

      Our learning sessions are engaging, timed to allow for questions and discussion, and often include homework, in-class work, and group discussion. Get smarter AND leave with value in your hand!

      Build your portfolio

      Show the world the real you by being prepared

      Whether it be resume refinement, mock interviewing to present a polished image or working with us section, by section, to draft a usable business plan, let us help you build a profile that shows the best version of you.

      Achieve your goals

      Professional, life, and organizational skills last a lifetime

      Pick up the skills to propel forward. Regardless of where you start, TLA is prepared to get you over the finish line with sustainable, industry-standard, best-practice skillsets.

      I appreciated the real-world knowledge and insights Kim provided. She had a lot to share and I really enjoyed hearing it.  “

      We love to educate, empower, and teach! TLA services can be used to augment existing programming, create individual solutions, or implement one-off training seminars to meet a custom organizational need.

      TLA learner participant, “Business Fundamentals: Considerations in Starting a Business”


      TLA aims to be a industry-standard driven partner that focuses on providing skill development with work-readiness in mind.

      If you want to improve your individual skills, empower your workforce, or simply want to foster more knowledge sharing, reach out. We are subject-matter experts in many spaces.

      What is Technology Learning Alliance?

      TLA is a center of excellence that focuses on providing industry-standard, best-practices based training and development in professional, personal, organizational, and small-business/entrepreneurial spaces

      What is your pricing?

      Our pricing is very competitive and dependent on services rendered. We create value at every price point. Please reach out to share your need or idea and  get a quote.

      How do you deliver training?

      We are flexible! We strive to be wherever we are needed. We can provide service in-person, virtually, online, and even over a telephone if needed.

      What are your areas of expertise?

      Our core competencies center around: technology/information technology, organizational development, program service provider, personal/professional development, and small-business development. 


      Where do you operate in Tanzania?

      Currently, we operate in Dar Es Salaam and Zanzibar. We would love to make new partnerships in other cities. Reach out!

      Ready to get smarter together? Let’s do it.