Non-Profit Organizations

TLA seeks to collaborate with non-profit institutions as a rewarding way to make a positive impact on society while also achieving our business goals. By combining TLA’s expertise with the mission-driven work of non-profits, initiatives can be created that empower individuals, communities, and organizations.

There are many opportunities for partnership. What’s listed below is only the beginning of how TLA can provide long-term value and partnership.

Organizational Needs Assessment

Conduct a thorough needs assessment to identify the specific areas where TLA can complement an organization’s offerings. Our focus on best-practice dictates that anything TLA offers is aligned with an organization’s goals and the needs.

Capacity Building

TLA can work with the non-profit to enhance their internal capacity by providing training for their staff and volunteers. This can include workshops on fundraising, project management, client management, communication, and other skills crucial to non-profit operations.

Community Outreach

Leverage the non-profit’s community networks and outreach programs to deliver training sessions directly to underserved populations. This approach ensures that synergistic TLA training programs reach those who need them the most.

Career Placement Support

TLA offers career support services to help build work-ready skills, including resume building, interview coaching, and networking opportunities with industry professionals

Tailored Training Programs

Collaborate to design customized training programs that address beneficiaries/clients. These programs can be tailored to maximize impact and may encompass a wide range of topics, from professional development to community empowerment.

Collaborative Workshops/Seminars

Organize collaborative workshops and seminars that address critical issues relevant to both the organization and TLA. These events can serve as a platform for knowledge sharing, networking, and brainstorming solutions to shared challenges.

Impact Measurement

Work with TLA to implement robust impact measurement and reporting mechanisms to track the effectiveness of an organization’s collaborative efforts. Demonstrating tangible results and success stories will be valuable for both TLA and the non-profit in securing future funding or partnerships

Continuous Assessment and Improvement

Work with TLA to regularly assess the effectiveness of institutional programming to make necessary improvements and adjustments to the training programs

Ready to get smarter together? Let’s do it.